How to find New Betting Sites in 2019?

Football is probably the most popular and most common sport that people worldwide like to bet on. It provides lots of entertainment and you have chances to make a pretty good profit. The online gambling market is thriving today so there are tons of different betting sites that a potential bettor can choose from. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are on the search for the best betting sites. Some of the common things people consider are safety, security, and bonuses. Here are some of the best football betting sites that will provide you with an overall great experience.


new betting sites 2019Mustardbet is ranked one of the most popular betting websites for football that is on the market today. At first glance you will notice how appealing and easy to navigate their site is. It is very bettor friendly and the graphic quality is great. They also offer several other different sport options besides football if you are interested in placing bets on anything else. Football is probably one of their main focuses At however. There are options for bettors to wager on the NFL season, NCAA football, live college football, live NFL, and several others. Mustardbet offers lots of different great bonuses to their bettors. Some of their different bonuses include a 100% match bet up to $100 and also a bonus where if you make your 1st bet then you get your 2nd bet free. The safety and security at Mustardbet is also very reputable, which is very important to players. The overall gaming experience at this site is what makes it one of the best betting sites that you can participate on.


Novibet is another one of the best betting websites that you can find. They are a very well-known and popular site. Novibet does accept US players also which is a big plus, as a lot of betting sites don’t. They are known for their very reputable safety and security when it comes to betting. Novibet also has an awesome reputation for having quick payouts and some of the best customer service that is available in the industry.


If you are looking for a betting site that is known for being friendly and very attentive to their member then Energybet is a great choice for you. They have some excellent categories for football betting. Another important fact about Energybet is that they have excellent credit and debit card processing. A lot of different betting sites seem to run into problems when it comes to this but that is one thing you won’t have to worry about at Energybet. Energybet is a fairly new betting site to the online gambling and betting industry but that has not stopped them from rising in charts and being among the top ranked betting sites. Customers look for safety and security when choosing a betting site to place their bets with and that is one of the main reasons that Energybet has become so popular.